My mentoring programme, Subomi Plumptre Fellowship, is designed to network a tribe of young Nigerians who still believe in hard work, excellence and values. My desire is to bring them together, so they may feel less isolated and frustrated. In time, as they become friends and do business with one another, hopefully, they will make more of an impact on the world.

Every cycle, 20 young Nigerians are rigorously selected through a public application process, which is announced on my social media timelines. They become Subomi Plumptre Fellows.

The programme is completely free for participants. They gain access to information, knowledge and cultural exposure. Some receive a curated set of books, some travel abroad for the first time and some learn about investing. Everyone’s mind is stretched and empowered.

During the programme, participants are also introduced to people in my network, who share their experiences and mistakes. Finally, each class is linked to their peers from previous classes, so they can forge relationships.